Birmingham Archives, Heritage & Photography Public Consultation

An opportunity to voice your thoughts on the future delivery of Birmingham Archives, Heriage & Photography service. Public opinion on the opening hours of the Wolfson Centre (Archives Searchroom) is now being sought – deadline 11th October.
As an ex-member of staff of Birmingham Archives & now a user of the services in my role as freelance genealogist & archives researcher I shall certainly be responding to the consultation. I am understandably angry at the way the service has been severely cut and so many experienced & knowledgeable staff have been made redundant. Those decisions cannot, now, be undone. But the remaining staff can only deliver a high quality level of service if the opening hours are further reduced. The task is to ensure that the future opening hours maximise access to the greatest number of people- & sadly that realistically means the Wolfson Centre won’t be able to open every Saturday.

The Iron Room

Well my first blog for the Iron Room has certainly been a long time coming! And what am I doing? Asking for your help! I will endeavour to do another blog very soon, and make it one that talks about something very special in the collections… you’ll just have to wait and see!

As many of you will know, the Library of Birmingham has undergone some significant changes over the last few months, and in response to those changes we have had to address the way we offer our services because we can no longer do everything we used to do in the way we used to do it.

As such we in the Archives, Heritage & Photography department have been working hard to review what we have offered, and to develop a future service offer that takes into account the challenges facing the Library of Birmingham as a whole…

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