Untold Stories: Birmingham’s Wounded Soldiers from WW1

Untold Stories: Birmingham’s Wounded Soldiers from WW1 is a new project run by the People’s Heritage Co-operative, a network of heritage practitioners, like myself, based in Birmingham. It has recently been granted HLF Funding. The project will focus on the untold stories of soldiers returning to Birmingham from the Great War with serious physical and psychological injuries. The project is currently seeking volunteers to help undertake research into this previously overlooked aspect of WWI history – what happened to those thousands who did return home but with life-changing injuries? What support services were there to support them and provide rehabilitation? If you are interested please get in touch via the details at the end of this piece.

We are also hoping that members of the public will come forward with their own memorabilia including photographs, diaries and letters detailing their family’s experiences at coping with the aftermath of the war and injuries to their father, uncle, grandfather etc. Or maybe your mother or grandmother was a nurse or a volunteer with one of the many rehabilitation projects in the City – we’d like to hear from you too.

To launch the project a series of talks will be held in February and March 2016 as follows:

Talk on Birmingham hospitals and surgeons by Professor Jonathan Reinarz, Director of the History of Medicine Unit, University of Birmingham Murray Learning Centre UG05

February 11, 5-7pm

(Please note that the first 45 mins will be an opportunity for attendees to find out more about the project and Prof Reinarz’s talk will begin at 5.45pm)

Visit to the Cadbury Research Library. Martin Killeen, Senior Librarian, will talk about the CRL’s collection of archive material relating to hospitals in Birmingham during WW1

February 25, 5.15-6.45pm


WW1 Genealogy with Liz Palmer

The workshops will explore online sources for tracing service history of WWI soldiers, sailors and airmen

Library of Birmingham, Wolfson Centre (Floor 4)

March 7, 5.30-7pm (part 1)

March 14, 5.30-7pm (part 2)

WW1 Birmingham archive workshop with Dr Sian Roberts

Library of Birmingham, Wolfson Centre (Floor 4)

March 19, 2-4pm

All events are free and open to the public but numbers are limited so please contact Nicola Gauld at the People’s Heritage Co-operative if you would like to come: peoplesheritagecoop@google.groups.com

2 thoughts on “Untold Stories: Birmingham’s Wounded Soldiers from WW1

  1. Chris Robinson says:

    Looks interesting, if I still lived in the area, I would probably have gone to some of the events. I don’t have any information that is a direct match with what you are looking for, as my great grandfather was killed in the war, but I have published some of my nan’s notes on my blog about her childhood memories of living in the city at this time. Feel free to take a look if you’re interested. Good luck with your project, I hope it goes well.

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